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Committee of the community service


This committee belongs to the community service department which located at college of the arts. This committee is under Dr. Aljazi Alshbiki responsibility, she is the head of committee.

The committee vision: to be unique in organizing a programs and activities for the community service, also to be unique in helping & developing the organizations of the civil society. 

The committee main aim is:  to activate the role of social studies department’s students and employees in order to serve the community and to embody the concept of social responsibility  through working for the civil society.

The committee goals:

  1. Identify the most important issues and problems of society.
  2. Strengthening the scientific researches which about the community issues and problems.
  3. Encourage the special initiatives which about the community service programs and activities.
  4. Encourage the students and employees to collaborate with the associations.
  5. Organize the scientific meetings, lectures and seminar, also organize a training courses which serve the society.
  6. The committee concern about disseminating the voluntary work.
  7. The committee helps the civil community organizations in preparing its programs and activities at the human sciences sections.

Tasks of The committee:

  1. Organize the programs and activities which help the society.
  2. Contact with the associations, institutions and charity centers to support their programs and activities inside the humanitarian science departments.
  3. Directing the researches, the scientific litters and the graduation researches toward issues and problems of the civil community.
  4. The committee gives a social advices for the associations and the charity centers.
  5. Motivate the students and employees to participate in serving the community.
  6. Evaluate the committee work periodically.

List of the committee members:



Dr. Aljazi Alshbiki

Dr. Moodi Alshamari

Dr. Nouf Alashikh

Dr. Amaal Abdurahim

Prf. Asma Albnian

Ms. Amerh Alyamy

Ms. Salwa Alfadel 

Ms. Mona Alnadr

Ms. Haya Alqahtani