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strategic plan for the humanities

1- Continuous development of services to provide positive learning environment.

2- To coordinate among supporting deanships and academic colleges

3- To preserve the values of the Islamic culture

4- To activate social partnership  

5- To develop effectiveness and organizational efficiency

6- To guarantee quality of process management

7- To work in safety environment

8- To develop administrative cadres

9- To develop Loyalty and affiliation to the Center through stimulating work environment

10-To develop the Center's information system

11-To provide sufficient financial resources

12- To Establish endowment and verify funding sources for the humanities.

13- To encourage the student to participate in activities that look for talents and innovation

14- To activate the role of the Center in community service.

15-To develop work methods which facilitates administrative procedures for members

16-To activate the unit of Academic Affairs at colleges.

17-To reduce the number of problems that happen to TV transmitters by 10%.

18- To aware students of their duties and rights.

19- To develop academic counseling for students and raise the efficiency of the academic advisors.



Achievements of Vice rector of the Center for Academic Affairs and its units.

Achievements of Vice rector for Administrative and Financial Affairs and its units.

The Dean's Prize.